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Welcome to the CheerVille’s All-Star and Prep Team program!

We are very excited to have you join us for our 2019-20 All-Star season! Below you will find all the information you need about our program’s athlete evaluation process. Please make sure you read through all of this information. Our All-Star packets, including the Prep Team packets, will be available on our web site at the end of March. These packets will include detailed information about our monthly fees and competition dates. In the meantime, we have opened up early registration.


Week 1 of All-Star and Prep Team Tryouts (May 13-16)

The first week of evaluations will be for all athletes trying out – both new and returning athletes. We will be evaluating tumbling on the first day. The second day of the week we will be doing stunt evaluations.


Week 2 of All-Star and Prep Team Tryouts (May 21-24)

This week is required for new athletes to our program. They must attend both weeks of evaluations. This will allow our coaches more time with the new athletes to properly place them on a team that best fits their skill level.


We will also use the second week for call backs of returning members. In a situation where an athlete’s stunting skills do not match their tumbling level, we will ask them to attend a different level of evaluations for week 2. This also applies for new members attending week 2. An athlete can move up or down a level based off their tumbling or stunting skills.


If we are comfortable with the returning athlete’s evaluation after week 1, we will not ask them to attend week 2.


Open gyms prior to evaluation weeks

We will have open gyms with our all-star instructors on May 8th and May 9th, 6-8pm both nights. There will be a parent Q&A with the gym manager on May 8th 6-7pm. To register for open gyms, please visit our website and register under EVENTS in the parent portal. If you do not have an account already set up, you can do so by clicking on the parent portal link and CREATE NEW ACCOUNT. Once your account is set up you will select EVENTS. The fee for open gym is $5 per day.




How do I register for All-Star and Prep Team tryouts?

Registering for tryouts is simple! Log into your parent portal account and select EVENTS. If you do not have an account already set up, you can do so by clicking on the parent portal link and CREATE NEW ACCOUNT. Once your account is set up, you will select EVENTS.

Under EVENTS you will see five different tryout options, one for each level. Click on the level that is the most appropriate for your athlete (see level clarification below).


The tryout registration fee is $50 until March 31st. The fee will go up to $55 on April 1st, and changes to $65 on May 1st.  Payment is due in full at the time of registering. Online is the only option for registering for tryouts.


How do I determine which level tryouts my athlete should attend?

The first week of tryouts is broken down by tumbling level. Your athlete must be able to check off three of the four skills listed below under each level. If they do not have any tumbling experience then they will attend the level 1 tryouts and be placed with the other beginner athletes. Here are the qualifications of each level:



Cartwheel into a backwards roll

Front walkover

Back walkover

Front walkover, cartwheel, back walkover (connected)

*no previous experience tumbling will also attend level 1 tryouts



Back handspring

Back walkover, back handspring (connected)

Front walkover, round off, back handspring

Round off, back handspring step out, back handspring series



Toe touch, back handspring series (connected)

Round off, back handspring tuck

Front walkover, back handspring tuck

Arial or punch front into a round off tuck



Standing tuck

Standing back handspring tuck

Round off, back handspring layout

Front walkover or punch front, round off back handspring layout



Toe touch, standing tuck (connected)

Round off, back handspring full or double full

Standing handsprings into a full or double full

Specialty tumbling into a full or double full


Evaluation days and times of each level by location




Will there be any additional paperwork I need to fill out?

The first week of May we will email additional paperwork to everyone who has registered to try out. You will need to print off this paperwork and fill it out. This paperwork must be turned in the first night of evaluations. We will not be evaluating anyone who does not have the proper forms completed. Once your paperwork is turned in, your athlete will receive their official tryout numbers. This number will be used during evaluations. We will also use this number to post results. We do not list team members by name on announcement day.


Commitment Days

We will have a Commitment Day at each location. On that day, you will:

- bring your athlete in to be sized for uniform and practice wear;

- turn in all contracts and USASF paperwork;

- pay first all-star installment fee/pay for the year in full; and

- receive a list of tumble classes to sign up for. 


If you are coming from another program you will need to know the USASF login and password for your athlete so that we can transfer their registration to our program.  Commitment days and times are as follows:


HENDERSONVILLE- May 28th (Tuesday) 6-9pm

BOWLING GREEN- May 29th (Wednesday) 6-8pm

ATHENS- May 30th (Thursday) 6-8pm

MT JULIET- May 31st (Friday) 6-9pm


If you have any other questions feel free to email our all-star director, Joey Mastrocola. His email address is

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